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Coming from Rome, cross the via Appia (S.S. 7) till the Town of Ariccia (25 km). Cross the monumental viaduct built in the 19th century, from which it is possible to see a wonderful panorama: the valley and the far Tyrrhenian sea on the right side and the Chigi’s Park, (17th century) on the left side. On the main square of Ariccia, “Piazza di Corte”, as once it was named to symbolize its role - the court, the courtyard -, there is the Chigi’s Palace, built by the great architect of the Roman baroque, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, according to the wish of the Pope Alexander VII (1655-1667), when he bought in 1661 the town of Ariccia from the Savelli Family. Do not forget to visit the palace’s park (28 hectares), with its rare trees, ruins, fountains and statues of the 17th century.
Leaving Ariccia, cross the Via Appia and reach piazza Brennero, in Genzano; turn to the left on via Piave, and cross Piazza D. Alighieri; turn to the left on via Don Morosini, flanked by very old elm trees, and on the background you will find the imposing Sforza Cesarini’s Palace. This building was built according to the wish of the Sforza Cesarini Family, that bought the town of Genzano from the Savelli Family and modified the structure, building the palace in its present characteristics. Do not forget to cross the nearby narrow streets of the “old Genzano”, from which the palace is even more imposing.
The palace had a huge park which reached the Nemi’s Lake shores. At present restoring works try to give to the park its ancient form

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