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What is it?

The Strada dei Vini dei Castelli Romani is a route dedicated to vines and wines withint the following towns of the Rome's province.

  • Albano
  • Ariccia
  • Castel Gandolfo
  • Ciampino
  • Colonna
  • Frascati
  • Genzano
  • Grottaferrata
  • Lanuvio
  • Marino
  • Montecompatri
  • Monte Porzio Catone
  • Rocca di Papa
  • Rocca priora
  • Velletri
  • Zagarolo

There are 7 different areas of wines production each belonging to a doc typology (Denominazione di origine controllata: Control of authenticity of origin)

  • Colli Albani
  • Colli Lanuvini
  • Frascati
  • Marino
  • Montecompatri
  • Velletri
  • Zagarolo

The society managing this route will organize the events related to wines, tourist and territory resources, through a series of topics concerning:

  • History and local culture
  • Archaeology
  • Nature and Environment
  • Gastronomic tradition

Along this route will be promoted the wine-making, tourism, gastronomic and cultural activities of the companies belonging to this initiative

To become member of this route (company only) there are two possibilities:

a) A direct participation

b) Sustaining the activities

The companies becoming member through a direct participation have the right to take part to all its activities, their presence is signalled along the relative streets, and they are the main object of the promotional activity of the society managing the route. They will have to pay an annual fee.

All the interested persons can take part to this initiative even by simply publicizing it or joining events at own expenses.

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Strada dei Vini
What is it?
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